Worldwide shipment and delivery!

Shipment within The Netherlands

After your payment is received successfully, your order will usually be delivered in one to three workdays in The Netherlands. Shipment of your packages is being done by the Dutch company PostNL, and on request we can also provide you with Track and Trace number of the shipments.

Shipping costs: €6,95

Shipment within Europe

The delivery time within Europa differs from 2-10 workdays, depending on the country it needs to be shipped to. On request, we could provide you with Track and Trace number of PostNL. Although, PostNL mostly works with other delivery companies in different countries once it crossed the border. In this case, we could also provide you with information on that particular company if wanted.

Country Shipping costs
Belgium €11,25
Bulgaria €30,55
Denmark €21,00
Germany €11,25
Estonia €30,55
Finland €25,56
Greece €30,55
Hungary €27,45
Ireland €26,26
Latvia €30,55
Luxembourg €15,50
Austria €20,00
Poland €28,25
Romania €30,55
Slovenia €29,15
Slovakia €27,45
Czech Republic €27,45
Sweden €24,20
France €18,88
Monaco €18,88
Italy €20,85
Portugal €24,65
Spain €23,40
Baleares €23,40

Worldwide shipment

We are now also accepting orders and sending registered shipments to countries outside of Europe (minimum order 500 euros).

Shipping costs: €28,90

For shipments to countries outside of Europe, we are having some requirements and additional information that come with a worldwide order:

  • We DOT NOT sell the following products to non-EU countries, because a CITES-certificate is necessary: Tillandsia Xerographica and Tillandsia Harissi. If you do want to get these products from us, please contact us about it. Keep in mind that a relatively long process (as in weeks) will be attached to getting documents and approvals for this etc.
  • Additional costs will come with the order for the phytosanitary certificate and handling
  • A minimum order of €500,- is required, excluding shipment costs and certificate and handling costs
  • Shipment costs are mostly around €70 (differs per country)
  • Your order can’t be send immediately but will be send within 5 workdays, because of handling of the phytosanitary certificate.
  • Time of delivery will depend on country, but on request we are able to provide Track and Trace!
  • Always check if there is any other (import-)regulations for importing plants to your country, as we are not taking responsibility for knowing these!

If you are interested in ordering, have any other questions or require further information on this topic, please feel free to contact us!